Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, Gattison began playing the piano and singing at the young age of ten. He composed his first song at twelve—the musical talent surrounding his family being a major part of his overgrown musical roots. Nothing but strong branches when you grow up in a family where every member could either sing or jam out with an instrument.

Gattison’s foundation begins with Aunt Dorothy Morrison, one of the original singers of the 1960’s hit “Oh Happy Day”. Uncle Jerry Combs signed to Warner Brothers Music while years later, cousin Levi Seacer Jr., kept the legacy going, playing guitar for the legendary Prince.

Gattison began his musical journey in church— evident by his smooth, soulful croon. In his teenage years, he developed a love for EDM which gave birth to a silky sound grounded in funk and super charged by the undeniable energy and excitement of electronic music.


Interview: Cali’s Best Radio Show KCAA Radio 106.5 FM

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Pop Star Gattison Releases New Single ‘California Magic’, Prepares For Billboard Premier

HOLLYWOOD, CA – On June 29th Pop Star Gattison, released of his newest single “California Magic”.

The track is written by Shari Short (who has written for Ariana Grande, Joe Jonas, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus)

“California Magic” By Gattison Is A Hit On Spotify

Gattison’s concerts evolved to him performing to crowds of over 10,000 people and he even performed at the Centennial Celebration of the National Park and shared the stage with legends like Emmylou Harris (thirteen-time Grammy Award Winner) and John Prine (two time Grammy Award Winner).


 California Magic

210K Total Streams

Top Cities

1) Philadelphia 1.7K

2) Cheyenne 884

3) New York City 830


Picture Perfect

#4 on the Billboard Breakout List

#43 on the Billboard Dance Charts

Top Countries

1) Mexico 2.2K

2) United States 1.5K

3) Argentina 1.3K

19,943 1.4k

Monthly Listeners Followers



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